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  • Stop and Pay Attention

    Stop and Pay Attention

    Today would normally be a day when I post a bit of flash fiction for you to enjoy, but I chose to post that on Monday and you can read it here. Today I want to talk about something that’s been popping up a lot in recent days.

    The discrediting of minorities. I’m not sure what it is about this week that has made it so much more prominent in my social media streams,

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  • Arrival – Flash Fiction Challenge

    Arrival – Flash Fiction Challenge

    Here I am again, enthralled by the Flash Fiction Challenge given by Chuck Wendig. This week he wanted us to write about the end of a long journey. The idea came quick, but took some time to winnow down to the 1,479 words you see here. 

    Margot pushed her way through the crowded halls. It wouldn’t be so bad, if the people newly awakened could keep their balance.

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  • Author to Author – Melion Traverse

    Author to Author – Melion Traverse

    It’s time once again to welcome another Author to my page. Melion Traverse is a writer and a grad student (how do you find the time?).

    Do you read outside your genre?

    Actually, most of my reading is done outside my genre. Is that a positive or a negative? I don’t really know. The majority of what I read is non-fiction, although I do tend towards reading speculative fiction when I read fiction.

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  • Bushcraft


    Chuck Wendig issued a challenge (he does almost every week) and this week I decided to take him up on it. This month’s challenge: one-word titles. I let my “executive decision makers” (dice) choose for me. Here we go:


    “Congratulation,” the topiary said as Lady Ella walked by.

    “The ceremony really was quite beautiful.” It continued as Lady Ella looked around to see who else might have notice the talking topiary.

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  • The Development of Yurio

    The Development of Yurio

    I’m going to be talking in depth about a character from the anime Yuri On Ice. If you haven’t seen it, I strongly recommend it. It is the cure for what ails most things in this world. You can watch for free (with ads) at CrunchyRoll 

    It would be easy to talk about Katsuki Yuuri’s character development, and plenty of others have. Viktor Nikiforov is also well discussed.

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  • Unreliable Narrators

    Unreliable Narrators

    I love a good unreliable narrator. I know, I’m weird that way. My classmates way back in high school made that perfectly clear.

    The first time I realized that a narrator didn’t have to tell the truth – even about their own story – the world just opened up. We were reading Tim O’Brian’s The Things They Carried. It had just come out and my teacher was unusually excited about it. When we got to the first “inaccuracy” most of my classmates just assumed the author didn’t do enough research.

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