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Moms: Be Nice to Each Other

I am not a mom. I have no plans to be a mom. I’m an aunt. My mother ran a daycare in our home for as long as I can remember. So I do have some experience with children. Just not any of my own. They go home at the end of the day, or weekend or whatever.

I am not a mom, but some of my characters are. Some of them are good moms,

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Saturday Afternoon

Samantha sighed and started her third circuit of the parking lot. All she needed was an empty parking space. Just one. A place to legally stop her car so she could get out and into the mall.

“Why am I at the mall on a Saturday afternoon?” Samantha growled as she turned away from the exit. “Oh right, the only bakery within a hundred miles that makes the cupcake Dad likes is here.”

Mom should have been the one circling the parking lot trying not to run over kids and teenagers running wild.

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Author to Author – Kristen Kooistra

It’s that time once again. Time for me to introduce you to another fine Indie Author. This month I present to you Kristen Kooistra. Kirsten is the Author of “Heart of the Winterland”.

How do you go about creating the language in your book? How do you translate it?

I’m horrible with fantasy languages because when I read them, I accept that they’re “real”, but when it comes to mine I can’t forget that they’re fake.

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Taking a Break

For me, writing is my break. Most of the time, anyway. I retreat from pretty much everything else that I have to do into my writing. The stories are where I make the world make sense.

So what happens when I don’t want to write?

Something like that has happened to to me. I’ve been struggling to get my characters to do pretty much anything. It’s not like writer’s block.

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Breaking the Story

I’m a pantser when it comes to writing my stories. That is I just write them and figure out all the plot points and such after the fact. This works fairly well for me as my subconscious is much better at storytelling than my conscious mind.

Most of the time it works out great. Every once in a while it is a disastrous mess.

Recently I discovered that I had completely missed an important theme in a novel.

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Research Partner

School! We’re supposed to hate it, complain about it, do anything and everything to get out of it – or so the popular TV programs tell us. Then again those shows never have the kind of family I do. Let’s just say, my family made school look like a walk in the park on beautiful spring day. I particularly liked the library. It was quiet and the idiots who bought into the bully trope never came in there.

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