Published Stories

The Key

Here is a sample of my writing. A quick challenge story.

keyThe Key

“It is strange, isn’t it?” Grandmama lifted her frail hand to pull the sheer curtain away from the window. “Autumn is so beautiful.”

“But that’s when everything is dying.” I try not to let her hear the tears building up behind my eyes.

She sighed, looking at the red maple and aspen trees that hid our house from the rest of the world.

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Another peek at how my brain works through a bit of flash fiction:

Have you ever sat and watched a storm from the safety of your bedroom? The way the lightning lights up the sky and for one brief second you can really see how the trees are dancing in the wind. It doesn’t matter if it’s day or night, the clouds are so thick you wouldn’t see the sun anyway.

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Work and Play

As a full time Independent Author, you are going to be taking on multiple full time jobs. You will not only write full time, but also edit all of them, design the interiors and exteriors, and market them. That’s several full time positions at any major publishing house. Granted a publishing house will be dealing with multiple authors and you only have to worry about you. Still you can expect to spend upwards of sixty hours per week on all of this.

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Over Committed

ooh-shinyI have this cycle that I go through, I’m sure many of you will recognize it. I’m not sure where the cycle starts or ends, but it goes something like this. “I’m too busy, I never have time for myself.” So I look at all the things I’m doing and cut some of them out. Yeah, I have time for myself. “I’m bored, I don’t know what to do with myself.” So I look around for new things to do.

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A Nothing Kind of Day

Here we have a flash fiction story for your entertainment. 

A Nothing Kind of Saturday

Aeri stood at the rail, looking down on three floors of mall shoppers. The ones who weren’t hiding in the shops. All those people, happily thinking that all they needed on this Saturday to make them happy was a new pair of shoes, or a cute new outfit. Oh, they didn’t know what was coming.

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Fanni Sütő – Author

Author QuillAllow me to introduce you to Fanni Sütő, an author I’ve had the pleasure of working with recently. Fanni faces the unique challenge of writing across two languages, Hungarian and English. I am in total awe of her skills in her second language (and must admit, I can’t read in her first language). She has a short story collection, which she will be sharing her collection of bi-lingual short stories on her blog this month.

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