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Author to Author – Trin Carl

Let’s welcome Trin Carl as this month’s featured Author. Trin is currently working on a YA Novel, Oh Brother, about a foster child who comes to stay with the Radtke family. Their adopted children, Zion and Amelia, will do anything to make sure this new kid doesn’t change their families’ lives. She plans to publish later this year, so keep your eye out for it. Ever ambitious she’s also starting a Youtube channel where she will post book reviews.

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Author to Author – Melion Traverse

It’s time once again to welcome another Author to my page. Melion Traverse is a writer and a grad student (how do you find the time?).

Do you read outside your genre?

Actually, most of my reading is done outside my genre. Is that a positive or a negative? I don’t really know. The majority of what I read is non-fiction, although I do tend towards reading speculative fiction when I read fiction.

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Author to Author – Kristen Kooistra

It’s that time once again. Time for me to introduce you to another fine Indie Author. This month I present to you Kristen Kooistra. Kirsten is the Author of “Heart of the Winterland”.

How do you go about creating the language in your book? How do you translate it?

I’m horrible with fantasy languages because when I read them, I accept that they’re “real”, but when it comes to mine I can’t forget that they’re fake.

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Author to Author: Milli Gilbert

It’s time once again for Author to Author. Each month I sit down with an indie author and try find out what makes them tick.

This month, I have the honor and pleasure of introducing you to Milli Gilbert. Along with being a mom, wife and author, Milli is a nerd. She has only recently acknowledged this fact when she realized that all of her favorite movies are firmly in the science fiction genre.

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Author to Author – Shannon Leigh Rivera

Welcome to another installment of Author to Author. Today I have the pleasure of chatting with Shannon Leigh Rivera. Shannon writes Young Adult and New Adult stories. Her story Selkie is available in the Seven Deadly Sins: Envy and Lady of the East appears in the Seven Deadly Sins: Glottony. Both are available on Amazon. Her novel, Of Rebels and Ruin, will be out late in 2017.

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Author to Author with Sue Seabury

It’s time once again to introduce you to another fabulous Author. I’ve recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Sue Seabury. While she can’t pull a VW bus with her eyelids or play The Star Spangled Banner on a nose flute, she does have the amazing talent of putting words in order to make fun stories. I give you: Sue Seabury:

We all know the fun part is writing,

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