Published Stories

New Release – Alley Cats

Hey folks,

I know I haven’t been around much recently. I’ve been busy with my first Hearth and Forge story: Alley Cats 

While on a mission to catch the squirrel who teased him through the window, Rowr’s people moved without him. Determined to find them, he stumbles, hungry and filthy, into a back alley owned by Maow, a queen with the desire to live alone.

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Appalachian Dream Tales by Ash Litton

I have recently had the pleasure of reading three short stories in Ash Litton’s Appalachian Dream Tales series. These are some stories you aren’t going to want to miss. The first two, Thoroughbred and Evening Hollow are available for immediate download (so what are you waiting for?) while Comeuppance is available for pre-order.

Thoroughbred leads the reader into a world you would never expect exists.

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