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June Progress Report

Progress? Has there been any progress? There should be, I’m sure. Let me just check… um… hang on a moment… I’m sure there’s been some around here somewhere. I mean I’ve been busy all month.


All kidding aside, I have made some progress on A New Romance, but not as much as I would like. I’ve been working on the cover art because I’m still waiting on one last Beta reader to finish. I’m not trying to rag on my beta reader. They do wonderful work and life hasn’t been easy for them the last few months either. It’s just that I don’t trust my ability to assess advice if I don’t have enough sources.


This is a really important part of the writing process. Getting advice is great, but you have to know how to assess it. Is the person giving you advice on the same page about your story or not? It’s not a matter of do you trust the person. It’s do you trust that specific bit of advice? Which is easy in the broad terms, but when it comes to the nitty gritty at the sentence level of your own writing it’s something else entirely.


So I like to have no less than three opinions at this stage of the game. I have two solidly in the bag. The third one is coming. So I’ve been working on the cover art.


I’ve also been preparing for my summer convention: CONvergence. In past years I’ve been the interpreting coordinator, but this year I transferred to the programming department. After eleven years of coordinating interpreters I found it was getting too easy to get annoyed and not easy enough to find the joy any more. I still love the convention and I’m very very happy to see that someone I trust has taken up the position I left behind. Now, I’m still working for the convention and have found the joy again.


I’ve also discovered that I get to sit on panels again. I used to, before I started interpreting. Now I get to again. Four of them this year. I’m a little nervous. Three writing panels and two gaming panels. (No, my math isn’t off, one of them is about writing games). I’ll tell you all about them at my next update. That will be the day after the convention, so I’ll ask in advance that you forgive any typos and other writing errors next month.

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