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NaNoWriMo Wrap up

It’s November 30, the last day of NaNoWriMo. It was a wonderful run for me and my characters. We started out with a good lead, almost 3000 words on Nov 1. The characters were more than happy to talk to me, including Lord Tromadin – the bad guy slated to die at the end of the book – insisted that this story just couldn’t be told without his viewpoint. Turns out he had some interesting things to say throughout the book.

The Jump Start Weekend netted me a commanding word count lead keeping me comfortably over the par line for the whole month. I also learned some interesting things about my characters, like the fact that they just weren’t going to follow the plan I had for them. There is was on November 3rd and already they were heading off in a direction I hadn’t planned on. Not to worry, they assured me, they were still working on the goal we’d decided on back in September, they just thought this route would be more fun. Well it did mean that my 300 year old Perky Ice Dragon, Crystal, showed up much earlier than I’d anticipated.

Back home after the weekend retreat, I continued to show up to as many write-ins as I could, being an ML (Municipal Liaison) I needed to get out among my people. We needed to encourage donations and word counts. We managed both. Then came the second weekend – the start of the dreaded week two doldrums. Sweetie had agreed to host the 24 hour write in, and ended up spending the night alone at a community center. Oh well, he got some good words in too. That’s the time when my characters all decided that they needed to work towards different goals – the secondary characters in particular had a wide ranging set of goals and were getting in each other’s way. Great for word count and conflict there. Even Lord Tromadin was having issues in the form of a falling out with his partner in this plot.

Meanwhile Kayla (Main Character and an alien) was working of figuring out how to live in the strange environment I’d dropped her into. She was also causing all kinds of changes to the culture around her, and starting legends without even trying. She has entirely different cultural expectations than the people around her, so she doesn’t fear the things that they do. It’s so easy to stand up to the prick of a lord when you didn’t grow up being told that Lords are all powerful. She manages to turn everyone’s lives upside down as she moves through the world.

And the words keep flowing. The next big jump comes from the Writing Tour. 28 hours of writing madness. That pushed me over the 50,000 and as always happens when I get that tired my characters do strange things. This year it was one of my view point characters pointing out that she could hear the influence of the gods in people’s thoughts. Well, that means that I have to go back (during editing, not now) and add in details about the gods and which ones are playing in the world at this time. I wasn’t planning on going into detail about the gods in this world, so I don’t even know who they are yet. I guess I have some research/creation to do.

From the Tour we headed toward Thanksgiving holiday. I used my novel to shield me from the In-Laws when they got overwhelming. However I let myself be distracted by Black Friday. Not a problem, I was getting close to the end and the various plots and plans were sorting themselves out, often in ways that I never really expected. I Reached the End on Monday November 26. What a relief.

I took a day to catch up on some other projects and jumped into short stories. It’s now Early Afternoon on Nov 30 and I’m somewhere in the middle of a short titled “The Curse of the Kitten.” I’ll update tomorrow to let you know if I got to that end or not.

Happy Writing Everyone and congratulations on the words you have written. May you Write many more.

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