New Year’s Resolutions – 2016 edition

It’s such a cliché to start a blog on January 1st with resolutions. Yeah, should probably resolve to use fewer clichés in my writing. I’ll get to that later. For now, I’m just happy to be back, after more than a year of no blogging. I could give you all manner of excuses about why I let the blog go, but the truth is a few bumps in my life and the habit died. I kept meaning to get back to it (insert cliché about good intentions and Hell). Ultimately it came down to “It was too much like work and I didn’t have the time.”

So what’s different now? For one thing I have a brand new bluetooth keyboard that connects to my smart phone. Yea! Tech to the rescue. Really, it means that I can now write effectively in more places (no more long handing drafts that I still have to find time to transcribe when I’m at home with the kitties demanding attention and the hubby patiently waiting his turn to be petted). Now, I can start a draft any time and add a bit here and a bit there. Sure I still have to transfer it when I get home, but that takes about three seconds. I still have to find time to edit and check for typos. I’ll never catch them all, but I can save you from the worst of them.

Now onto the resolutions – because it’s tradition. Hopefully I’ll keep some of them long enough to make them a habit. Habits are the goal after all. They’re where things get done.

I will write this blog regularly.
I will follow my doctor’s orders
I will try new challenges in my writing
I will not bite the heads off of people on the internet
I will give my cats more treats (wait I didn’t write that)
I will find the good in everyone – even if it’s only that they would make a good villain
I will not tease the idiots
I will make the world a better place

That’s a good start I think. I’m sure there are more ways that I can improve my life and the world, but let’s not get carried away.

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