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So many projects

Life is a balancing act. We all know that. You have to spend so much time making money, so much time sleeping, so much time relaxing, so much time building relationships which leaves only so much time for writing. Most of us – writers – like to keep busy. Some are much better at keeping busy with writing projects than I am.


I have yet to master the balanced life. I have a hard time saying “no” to things that I really should know better than to get involved with and then wonder why I never manage to make the time to write. I know this. I know that if I want to do more writing I’m going to have to pull back from some of the other projects that I have taken on. The problem is, I genuinely enjoy doing those things too. What’s a girl to do?


One of my other projects I’ve written about here – my garden. It’s the least likely to get the chop because really, it doesn’t take up that much time once it’s started. I’ll have to pour more time into it at the end of the season too when it comes time to harvest. Not to bad really. And then we’ll have all kinds of fresh ingredients to make healthy food with which will be another benefit.


That leads to another project, canning and pickling. Also high on my priority list for health reasons. Since I’ve been developing food sensitivities as I age, I’m finding it increasingly difficult to buy convenience foods. Just try to find a can of soup that doesn’t have wheat in it. Or a frozen entree for that matter. Since I don’t want to make the time daily to cook, I’ll bunch it all up into a weekend and make my own microwave meals and cans of soup.


Then there are the projects for the community such as my work with GPS editing the monthly newsletter. This one is particularly fun because all the people who are supposed to send me articles for the newsletter are just as busy as I am, so it takes more time convincing them to sit down and send me the articles than it does actually editing them. Still, this is a form of writing.


Coordinating interpreters and interpreting CONvergence hits one of my other passions. I love to play with language which is what drew me to interpreting in the first place. Now that I’ve been working with the Deaf community I can see how little decisions can have a big impact on other people’s life. It would be so easy to say that having interpreters at CON is too much effort for the impact. That only holds up if you look only at the Hearing perspective. From the Deaf perspective the chance to connect with other geeks and talk about their love of Sci Fi is priceless. Someday I’ll be able to hand this project over to someone else with the confidence that it will go on, but it must remain mine for now.


These are just the things I volunteer for. In addition, I of course have my day job (school interpreting) and I freelance because the schools really don’t pay enough. I have to maintain my certification which means workshops and paper work. My husband expects me to do my fair share of the housework (though we debate about what exactly is a fair share) and spend some time with him when we aren’t both asleep.


My day is long. Every day. I’m lucky that my body has decided that 6 hours of sleep is enough, so I get a couple extra hours for free. Still it’s hard to fit it all in. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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