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New Release – Alley Cats

Hey folks,

I know I haven’t been around much recently. I’ve been busy with my first Hearth and Forge story: Alley Cats 

While on a mission to catch the squirrel who teased him through the window, Rowr’s people moved without him. Determined to find them, he stumbles, hungry and filthy, into a back alley owned by Maow, a queen with the desire to live alone.

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Herding Cats

There are so many jokes about authors and cats. About people who have cats in general. It almost feels like a cliche to point out that I, too, have cats. And yet, when I think about it, only about half, maybe less, of my friends and acquaintances have cats, but well over 75% of my writer friends have or want cats. There must be something to it.

Cat lady

The stereotype of the “Crazy Cat Lady” –

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