Chuck Wendig issued a challenge (he does almost every week) and this week I decided to take him up on it. This month’s challenge: one-word titles. I let my “executive decision makers” (dice) choose for me. Here we go: Bushcraft “Congratulation,” the topiary said as Lady Ella walked by. “The ceremony really was quite beautiful.” … Read more

The Development of Yurio

I’m going to be talking in depth about a character from the anime Yuri On Ice. If you haven’t seen it, I strongly recommend it. It is the cure for what ails most things in this world. You can watch for free (with ads) at CrunchyRoll  It would be easy to talk about Katsuki Yuuri’s … Read more

Gender and the Art of stories

I have to confess, I spend a lot of time paying attention to specific kinds of writer’s blogs. In Particular those of Kristin Kathryn Rusch, Dean Wesley Smith, and Chuck Wendig. These, among some others that I don’t follow as regularly, have given me the inspiration and the back bone to face this profession and … Read more

Building Culture – Families

Part of world building is creating culture. Your people have to have a culture unique to their place in their world. Even if you are writing in modern America, it’s important to notice the influence of culture on the choices and assumptions that your characters make. However, since culture is a huge subject that spans … Read more