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Work and Play

As a full time Independent Author, you are going to be taking on multiple full time jobs. You will not only write full time, but also edit all of them, design the interiors and exteriors, and market them. That’s several full time positions at any major publishing house. Granted a publishing house will be dealing with multiple authors and you only have to worry about you. Still you can expect to spend upwards of sixty hours per week on all of this.

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Time Management: Part 1 – The Writer

Here is a topic that I should have been paying more attention to recently. As you may have noticed, I haven’t been as regular about posting to my blog the last couple of weeks. I could tell you honestly that I’ve been working at the MN Renaissance Festival on the weekends and that it’s been the first weeks of a new school year. Both have been taking up time that I’ve been using all summer to write.

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