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June Progress Report

Progress? Has there been any progress? There should be, I’m sure. Let me just check… um… hang on a moment… I’m sure there’s been some around here somewhere. I mean I’ve been busy all month.


All kidding aside, I have made some progress on A New Romance, but not as much as I would like. I’ve been working on the cover art because I’m still waiting on one last Beta reader to finish.

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May Progress Report

Hey folks, let’s get real for a moment. Indie publishing isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme. It’s more like a maybe-you’ll-get-a-fancy-coffee-drink-once-in-a-while scheme. That’s why so many Indie Authors also have a day job (cue the scary music). Well, I don’t have one of those either. I used to. It made things like buying groceries and keeping my car in working order a whole lot easier. I’d like to have one again, but that’s not in the cards at the moment.

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April Progress Report

I was supposed to post this on April 1st. Would you believe it’s a long delayed April Fool’s day joke?


Yeah, didn’t think so.

The truth is I’ve been dealing with my asshole brain. Sorry if that offends anyone, but really that’s that mildest term I can come up with that even comes close to how I feel about it. Clinically, it’s referred to as one or more of the following: depression,

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February Progress

Oh my gosh it’s February already. Here I am still working my way through all the stuff that needs to happen to get New Romance out to all of you. For now that means biting my nails while the beta readers have a go at it. I’m working on the cover design and hope to have a cover reveal soon.


In the meantime, I’m also fretting about how to keep my life together,

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A progress report

It’s a new year. That means it’s Resolution Season. Time to commit to things that just aren’t going to happen, like making a habit of going to the gym and not eating chocolate (yeah, I already screwed up on that one).


Actually, things are a little different this year. In addition to writing, I’m also starting another new business because the writing just isn’t bringing in the funds. That means that I’m going to have less time for writing.

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