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It’s getting to be too common these days for the news to erupt with the latest officer involved shooting. Two days in a row this week. Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on Tuesday, July 5th and Philando Castile in Falcon Heights, Minnesota on Wednesday July 6th. Then, because things weren’t bad enough, Micah Xavier decided to use the deaths of Sterling and Castile as an excuse to shoot and kill cops in Dallas,

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There is nothing funnier that watching the bad guys in a silly movie or TV show prove their incompetence. You know the scenes when all the good guy has to do is stay out of the way. In fiction, evil incompetence lightens the mood. Who doesn’t love a good laugh at Wile E Cayote when his inventions backfire and he ends up plummeting off the cliff to land in a puff of smoke? Or even the numerous minions in a James Bond picture who couldn’t shoot the broad side of the barn.

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Alpha Males – Fact and Fiction

Alpha Male: The leader of the pack: the strongest, most virile.

The one who makes all the ladies swoon and wish that he would turn his attentions her way. At least that’s how he’s portrayed in fiction. So often, especially in the romance genre – but not exclusively – alpha males are romanticized. They are held up as the ideal that all men should aspire to if they want to “get the girl.” Even I will admit to enjoying a good story with an alpha male.

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