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The Care and Feeding of Creative People

This is one for you to share with your spouse, best friend, family, whoever it is that you (a creative type person) rely on for support.

Everyone needs support. Very few people would argue with that. That doesn’t look the same for everyone, no matter what the magazines in the cash register racks try to tell you. Just like fashion isn’t a once size fits all proposition, or there are so many different kinds of music out there.

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The Language of Respect

We all do it. Most of us without thinking about it. We change the way that we speak based on who we are talking to. There are the obvious times – when talking to babies. Then there are the less obvious situations. You probably don’t realize that you use different vocabulary when talking to your boss than to your co-workers. And I know you don’t notice the subtle changes in grammar either. But they’re there.

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