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Writing Rules – Write What You Know

There’s a lot of advice out there for writers masquerading as rules. They look simple and straight forward, but are actually quite complicated and nuanced. New writers, and even veterans, fall victim too often to the stifling version. In this periodic series, I’m going to dig deep into the reasons behind the “rules” and the real advice one should take from them.


Write what you know.


How many of us have heard that advice?

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In the Good Old Days

Note:  I originally wrote this in April – just before my website was taken down.   I hope you will enjoy it now as much as you would have then.


During one of the panels at Minicon 47, there was a snippet of conversation that really intrigued me. This was one of the many panels devoted to some aspect of writing (I don’t remember which one) so the panel was made up of writers.

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Price: One Soul

“It will only cost you your soul. No biggy.” – EP Beaumont


This quote came up during a giggle session when EP and I were writing together. I don’t remember the exact context, but the general gist of the conversation was about writing, and the things you do for your craft. I think about this kind of quote a lot when it comes to writing. What is it we who must write give up.

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