Tomorrow is Election day in America. This year, in addition to the presidential race, there are a number of contentious issues on the ballots in almost every district across the nation.

I’m not going to tell you my opinions here – I’ll save that for another time and place and only if you ask. What I am going to tell you is: GO VOTE.

VOTE – it is your right, it is your civic duty, it is your one chance to tell the politicians what you think in a way that they will actually pay attention to. Politicians do pay attention to the vote counts. They notice every vote that isn’t for them – no matter how they may put up a mask of “I don’t care” they do care. They have to care. If they don’t pay attention there is a very real possibility that they will lose their jobs next time.

I can hear some of you now shouting about how you think the whole system is broken and all the politicians are corrupt. You might be right, but it’s the system we have and they are the ones who’ve managed to convince enough people to vote for them. Here’s the thing, you don’t have to vote for them. You can vote for Bugs Bunny or Bilbo Baggins or yourself. None of them are going to win the election, but when the reports are written, you’re statement will be seen. You can even turn in a blank ballot if you choose – that’s a vote too.

Politicians have been let off the hook too much. They can see that as they get more outrageous fewer people vote – the fewer people who vote the fewer people they have to worry about pleasing. You have the power to stop that cycle, get out there and vote – let them know that you are not going to just let them do what they want.


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