Work and Play

As a full time Independent Author, you are going to be taking on multiple full time jobs. You will not only write full time, but also edit all of them, design the interiors and exteriors, and market them. That’s several full time positions at any major publishing house. Granted a publishing house will be dealing with multiple authors and you only have to worry about you. Still you can expect to spend upwards of sixty hours per week on all of this.


So what’s an author to do?

Buck up and get on with it, but… And this is important… don’t forget to have fun.

If you are a full time author with a day job, this can be even more important. With that day job taking up time and all the other things you have to get done, when are you going go find time to have fun?

Just like everything else you do, you have to make time for fun and relaxation. It seems silly, but if you don’t build it in, you won’t do it. And if you don’t do it, stress will build up and your productivity will go down. Productivity goes down and things take longer which means you have even less time and


This is why you (I) need to schedule time to relax. Make sure I (you) have fun everyday. It doesn’t have to be something big. Even just getting out for a walk, or playing a game for a bit. Then you can get back to work with your productivity restored and it’s all for the good.content-kitty

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  1. This is really good advice, regardless of what kind of work you do!

    It might sound strange, but when I need to take a break from writing, I often wind up cleaning or doing dishes or laundry. They’re a no-thoughts-required tasks that let my brain relax and my subconscious poke at the story idea I’m working on.

    I also like going for walks–or playing games, though I need to be careful not to get too caught up in the latter!


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